All The Guts and Glory

Here's something I thought I would never ever write about: gut health. But considering my job requires me to keep my tummy in tip top shape, I always have my gut in mind. I hate to even utter the words 'food poisoning' because I haven't suffered a case in about 3 years. In addition, have a... Continue Reading →

The Story of Allan

It would have been some time today that I'd call my mom up to share our fondest memories of Allan, and even some sad ones. I'd set aside some time and just talk. Call it part of our shared grieving process but even decades after his death, knowing how January 22 defined us meant a... Continue Reading →

Mom Memories 1944-2014

With the holidays here, I meant for this post to be roundup of my Thanksgiving meal. Like a good food blogger (which I haven’t been these last few months), I planned for pulled turkey tacos, corn salsa and bevy of desserts. I called it the anti-Thanksgiving, forgoing traditional items with a new spin. Instead, I mourned... Continue Reading →

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