Holiday, Scmaliday

Reno was fun but unfortunately the drive back was longer than expected. Today I’m at working suffering from the consequences of too little sleep and not enough motivation to get through the work I have to finish. But nothing is worse than coming in on a holiday to work. But it’s better than working Thanksgiving or Christmas.

There’s three too many people currently for me to crawl under my desk and catch up on sleep. So here’s a quick rundown of interesting things I’ve found online:

Neal Adams revealed Betcha didn’t know that Neal Adams, known for his Batman and X-Men art also did this commercial for Nasonex. He also has some other projects listed on his Web site.

Still reeling over my disappointment in Lost But reading this article on has my hopes up, if only but a little. So glad I have a DVR so I could go back and check out a few scenes in slow motion. Warning: If not a subscriber, you have to sit through a few ads to read the article.

Who’s the cutest kitty? Vote for the cutest kitty on

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