From San Diego: Saffron Thai Grilled Chicken

Close up of Saffron chicken salad rolls

I’ve been dreaming of Saffron’s chicken salad rolls while in Los Angeles. The rolls themselves are okay and nothing out of the ordinary. I’ve actually had bad experiences with the rolls with either the rice paper being too stiff (a result I’m sure of old salad rolls) and the price being a bit too much more than I would expect from other thai places. But what makes this place outstanding are their sauces and as well as the memories of having lunch at this place with some really good friends.

Close up of Saffron chicken salad rolls

An order of three salad rolls (available in either chicken, tofu or salmon with goat cheese), a choice of two sauces is included. Hands down favorite is the creamy peanut sauce with a bite of chili. But with the chicken salad rolls, I usually like mine sauce a little bit on the spicier side and chose the sweet pepper and reserve the peanut sauce for sate or grilled chicken. The rest of the dishes are pretty good but the salad rolls are usually the first things I crave.

Saffron Thai Grilled Chicken

Lunch is usually out the door but there is a convenient take out place next door to the sit down restaurant. If Saffron opened up earlier, I would consider toting some down with me to the convention center for lunch the next few days. A better alternative than the overpriced hot dogs and pizza sold at the site.

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