Highlight of Thursday’s Comic Con

Arthur Baltazar's (of Patrick the Wolf Boy) sketch of me

A very cool sketch of me (above) from Arthur Baltazar (below with his partner in crime, Franco Aureliani) of Patrick the Wolf Boy. Buy their books!

Arthur Baltazar and Franco Aureliani of Patrick the Wolf Boy

2 thoughts on “Highlight of Thursday’s Comic Con

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  1. that smile is so you Miss O!Comic-Con has been a pain in our ass this week… Or should I say, the PR flackeys have been a pain in our collective asses? They're making my shooters WAIT IN LINE!!! Hello?! Working Press here! giving you guys more coverage than we ever have! Get this: the press room… BY APPOINTMENT ONLY! To use the press room! Did they tell us that? No! Sigh. Hope your experience is much better. Cool Jerk doing well? hugs my dear!

  2. Cool Jerk did great! Three times as many sales as last year and people remember him!!I can only imagine how bad the PR people can be with the whole convention. But it sounds like the requests they are making are just ridiculous.Miss you!

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