Recovering from SDCCI

Comic Con banners in Gaslamp
Downtown Gaslamp on Sunday.

I’m back in Los Angeles, unfortunately returning to work today but looking forward to showing my brother and his girlfriend around the city.

As for the convention, I had the most fun I had in a while. The Cool Jerk table was highly successful this year and I got to meet a lot of people and saw old friends I lost touch with over the years. To view photos from the convention, go here.

A pack of benevolent were-foxes
Hands down, my favorite costumes during the convention.

After packing up the table and lugging everything back to the car on Sunday night, Cool Jerk and I celebrated with a milkshake at Ghirardelli’s after a recommendation from a security guard that frequented our table for small talk. His exact words were “that once you had a chocolate milkshake from Ghirardelli’s, you won’t have it anywhere else.”

Ghirardelli's ice cream bar

Ghirardelli’s in the Gaslamp Quarter was hopping. We didn’t feel like a chocolate shake and decided to split a vanilla shake instead. Much like in Pulp Fiction, this was a five dollar milkshake. It took a while for the milkshake to be made but watching the people behind the counter creating the orders was lesson in efficiency. Bananas were split open with a knife, sprinkles were shaken were vigor and multiple milkshakes were being made.

Ghirardelli's vanilla milkshake

The milkshake itself was good but not outstanding. Should have taken the seecurity guard’s suggestion and gone with the chocolate instead. But it seemed a fitting end to the weekend.

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