Question answered: Yes, there is a thing as too much bacon

Lucky Boy brunch

I didn’t wake up this morning with the intention shortening my life span but golly-gee-whiz, I do love my bacon. Specifically bacon that is so crisp that when you hold a slice, it is stiff as a board. I’ve had conversations with people describing my favorite type of bacon, when it was had and how much I hate to cook it. When I read on Chowhound that Lucky Boy’s is known for the amount of bacon put into its BLT sandwiches, I had to make a trip to Pasadena and discover if it is true.

Lucky Boy in Pasadena

I only had a name and a street. But Pasadena is easy to navigate and aside from Burbank, it is one of my favorite areas to explore on my days off. Lucky Boy’s is located across the street from Trader Joe’s on Arroyo Parkway. A bit ironic since when I go to Trader Joe’s, I go for health foods.

Lucky Boy’s is nothing to look at. Order at the counter and pick up your food when your number is called. Aside from the BLTs, other things offered are burritos, tacos, hamburgers, french fries and fried zuchinni. There was no swaying me from ordering a BLT. Preferably, I would have like to have split it but my dining companion was set on getting a bacon cheeseburger to have all to himself.

Lucky Boy BLT

I should have really watched them make my BLT because once I got my sandwich I couldn’t figure out how many slices of bacon was packed into it. Let it be noted that I did not ask for extra bacon and that the bacon portion of the sandwich is the thickest portion of the sandwich. My eating buddy fared no worse. He described his bacon cheeseburger as bacon with a side of beef.

Lucky Boy cheeseburger with bacon

The burgers here are a quarter pound of beef. Comparably to the bacon, it could have been nonexistent. There was bacon in every bite. In fact, when he proceeded to open his burger to add condiment, a baby fist size ball of bacon fell from his burger.

Did we finish our sandwiches? Oh yeah but that was the only meal of the day and I have personally committed myself not to have bacon until mid November. Next time, I’m splitting a sandwich.

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