Turducken roundup


Tuducken mission: accomplished.

I can’t help but pat myself on the back for successfully assembling a turducken together for a Christmas meal. The objective was almost aborted to cook something else at the last minute. But I powered on and managed to bind the birds together Christmas morning. This was even after the flurry of the unwrapping of presents and video games to lure me away.

The previous day, a 7 lb. turkey, duck breasts and chicken breasts were purchased. At three different stores no less! Although the recipe called for a whole chicken and duck, the prospect of deboning a the two birds in addition to the turkey was daunting. Also omitted was the sausage and oyster dressing. I just personally have an objection to cook stuffing in the bird for food safety reasons.

Once the turkey was deboned — a whole feat in itself — layering and seasoning the birds was relatively easy. Turkey, cajun seasoning, duck, more seasoning, followed by chicken. The turkey was then rolled up. It took four hands to sew up the birds.

Christmas meal

Approximated cooking time was about 5 hours and the turducken was ready for a Christmas lunch/early dinner. Seasoning each layer created a visual layer of spices between each bird. It had been a while since I had duck and it was my first time cooking it. I didn’t realize how dark the meat was. Accompanying the tuducken was cranberry sauce (a refreshing palate cleanser between turducken bites) and a fresh green bean casserole.

Turducken leftovers

Tuducken leftovers?? Made an interesting sandwich. Duck one bite, turkey for another.

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  1. So you made one yourself, seriously? That is outstanding. I thought you had to order turduckens, like a ship in a bottle (how do you get the ship in it). Anyway, yours looks fabulous. You should contact the company that sells them and sell them your picture. SA

  2. Steve–Yup, I seriously assembled a turducken, from start to finish, myself. I got a little too close and personal with how a turkey is constructed but once they were pulled out of the oven, any apprehension about eating it disappeared. Andy–Got get yourself another snack!

  3. I can't believe you did this!!! I don't know that I would have it in me to attempt. It looks beautiful! I can only imagine what it tasted like. I, personally, have never even heard of such a thing.Looking forward to seeing you soon…=)

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