Stephen Colbert-flavored ice cream?


Admittedly, I am enamoured by the double dose hour of Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert on Comedy Central. Nothing completes my day like a belly laugh at the expense of our current administration.

So imagine my shock when I read that Stephen Colbert may be getting his own ice cream. This follows my discover of Dreyer’s American Idol cheesecake flavored ice cream found at the local Albertson’s one night. I can only guess that the kids that grew up buying cereal boxes based on what cartoon character is on the box now have influence on today’s packaging and are just riding that wave.

What can be next if this food trend continues?

Here’s are my hopes based on what I am currently watching: Battlestar Galactica fudgecicles and Lost Cracker Jack. (Mmmm… Matthew Fox flavored popcorn.) But I’ll pass on the CSI corned beef hash.

UPDATE It is true that Colbert is getting his own ice cream. Now that’s forward thinking on the part of Ben and Jerry!

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  1. I agree with Ellen… Funny! Speaking of BSG… I need to have you and Cool Jerk over for dinner some Sunday eve before the season is up and we can watch it while enjoying some fabulous dessert creation… Whatcha think?Hugs…

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