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Foodette of Restaurant Review World has tagged me with a meme she’s calling Lucky Seven Meme. According to the rules, I state seven random facts about myself, tag seven other bloggers and let them know they’ve been tagged.

I’m going to follow Foodette’s lead and make all my facts food related. So here I go:

1. My dream cooking/dinner date would include Anthony Bourdain and Alton Brown. It’s the mix between quirkiness and some snark appeal as well as the promise of good food and company. My significant other is understanding and doesn’t question my motive when watching either one of their shows for an extended period of time.

2. I always carry my digital camera with me to take photos of food and/or food situation. I never know what foods I might be eating. The extra weight in my purse has caused some back problems (I carry a huge purse) or being informed that I can’t take photos inside their establishment.

3. The start of my obsession with food and food photography, was during a European trip in 2001 where I marvelled at the all the new and interesting food that I encountered.

4. During that same trip in Berlin, the only meals I ate were purchased underground along the railway system. I regret the great meals I have missed and plan to remedy that with a return visit.

5. I don’t like “ants on a log” and raw carrot sticks.

6. I love to cook and have several times wanted to quit my job and join a culinary school.

7. I sometimes feel that there is not enough time or space in my stomach to try all the foods in the world.

I now tag Photogirl of What’s the Up, Susan of Susan Eats , Kate of Eyeduck, Mita of Unofficial Cook, Kleopatra of Pieces Place and of course, YOU and maybe you too!

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  1. Hey, D, thanks! i'll get to this ASAP! Very cool to read your food-based answers, too. i hope you get to find the time at some point in your life to get to a culinary school and then… well, who knows where that could lead?!!? Everyone should get a shot to do what their passion is at some point in their life, don't you think??

  2. Hey, so glad you played along! Love your answers πŸ™‚ Especially about Alton Brown – he's my favorite too πŸ˜‰

  3. Hi Kleopatra–Looking forward to seeing your answers.Hi Foodette–Isn't Alton Brown just so smart and entertaining? I am entertained and amazed everytime I watch him.JustJenn–Ah food! It is glorious. I'll check out your blog.

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