San Diego Comic Con stories not told

It’s too late and my feet are barking at me for standing up all day: more than nine hours in all. I should have packed a healthier lunch. Convention food is a joke and pricy. But I have not wanted a bag/purse sooo bad. It’s not for sale yet.

Seatbelt bag designed by Gary Baseman
One of two Gary Baseman designed Seatbelt Bags.

Also check out my promo scar for for “Saw IV.” It’s all makeup, kids. Awful movie, interesting way to promote.

My promo scar for Saw
It was all fun until I got weird stares and tried to take off the fake skin later that night.

More photos can be viewed here and will be updated throughout Sunday.

Back to the regularly scheduled food programming after a few days.

12 thoughts on “San Diego Comic Con stories not told

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  1. i have a big, long-running joke w/PC about the "SAW" movies, none of which i've seen – i have to tell him about your skin! YIKES! Hope it came off all right.Hope you find better eatin's in your lunch bag tomorrow…Did you have a lunch pail as a kid? i remember, vaguely, a PEANUTS one… i'm sure i had a bunch. Oh how i wish i'd saved 'em all!

  2. Hi Kleopatra–Tried rubbing the skin under hot water and soap when I got home and the fake blood eventually washed off but had to peel off the latex skin. Kind of funny but the stares at my arm were unnerving.Just packed lunch and it should last until 3. And yes I had several lunchboxes as a kid. The one I remember the most was Disney related.

  3. Thanks for the updates! Wish I were there…maybe in a few more years when the boys are a little older; we're getting there, Noah just got a Star Wars Transformer (Clone Trooper). Kid's got a superglue grip on it too. Lunch boxes! We on on the search for the "perfect" Transfomer lunch box for kindergarten. He wants a T backpack too, but I think that's too much. I had many rectangular metal lunch box — Peanuts was one of them.

  4. Be careful giving boys lunchboxes we used to hit eachother with them. Of course, had we had paper sacks, we'd be doing the same. The thermos never lasted long. Do people have thermoses any more? Darlene needs to quit messing around and start promoting Cool Jerk. Get some comic folks drunk and have Cool Jerk tattooed on their faces. It's great marketing, especially if it makes the news. sa

  5. OK, I will say I enjoyed your post Miss D but I cracked up reading SA's comment. Yes! Let's here it for tattoos of Cool Jerk! LOL! Even when you don't sign your 'anonymous'comments, I know that they're from S… I know this wasn't in the post but I'll add my comment to KP's … I had a hardy boys lunch box, a wonder woman lunch box and a snoopy lunch box. damn! where did they all go?

  6. What a GREAT idea SA, I mean "anonymous." I vote for Cool Jerk Tatoos too! We'll take 4 — my kids love tatoos.

  7. Do you know how much that awesome bag is? I've admired those seatbelt bags for a while, but that particular one is FABULOUS! My husband was at ComicCon for work. I made him bring me back one of those giant Smallville bags, but I have no idea what I'll use it for.

  8. Hi Mrs. Wong–Hi Anonymous (Steve)–Hi Photogirl–Hi Kleopatra–Whoa… a lot of comments about lunchboxes. Maybe I'll have to do a post about them. Or maybe not. It seems like it's all already been cover here in the comments. :)Tattoos: Interesting concept. How branding as an alternative? "I hear the iron is so hot, when it hits your skin it feels like a popsicle." –The PunisherHi Nanette–There were two seatbelt bags. The other, not shown, was black and fushia and just a beautiful. I went back to take a photo of it but it was gone!It was so nice he brought you a Smallville bag. They were a hit! We used ours to carry the pipes to hold our signage back to the car instead of fumbling around carrying it.

  9. Actually there were 3 seatbelt bags! I wanted them ALL!!!! Harvey's just started their "artist" line and I think those will be part of it soon. I have a plain brown seatbelt bag and it's the most durable bag I have ever owned. Oh yes, and I love food.

  10. Hi Erin–Three bags not two?? Yes, I want them all but I know it's going to cost me a small fortune. I'm placing my order to the powers that be now. Man, I should like such a chick…Food is good. Delicious, delicious food…

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