Pumpkin carving ideas

Admittedly these last few years I’ve been lax in celebrating Halloween.

Wearing black every day doesn’t constitute as celebrating thank-you-very-much. And besides the occasional gorging of candy infiltrating my house (which also coincidentally is the type that I like) there no trace of Halloween. But I recently ran across ExtremePumpkins.com which has rekindled my interest in pumpkin carving.


If the image above doesn’t inspire you, maybe the other images on the Web site will. There are so many great ideas, it’s difficult to just pick one idea to run with. Of course, there is nothing therapeutic like stabbing a knife into a pumpkin.

A book is also available.

6 thoughts on “Pumpkin carving ideas

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  1. i love that photo. If you're around one, check out the large paper bags (grocery-type) at Einstein's bagels… Off to check out the Web sites.Carvingly yours,KP.S. CONGRATs on the new job, u Star!

  2. Maybe because I was born so close to Halloween [29th] I have never been to excited about it. I think because growing up my parents always threw Halloween birthday parties…really stole my thunder. But I have always enjoyed pumpkin carving. I do it every year even though I suck at it. Maybe I'll do something more creative this year.BTW – Congrats on the new job!

  3. Hi Kleopatra-I'll check out Einstein's and thanks.Hi GeeFunk-I always feel so bad for the kids that have birthdays around the holidays and their parents combine the two events. I hope you bring out a knife and plunge it into a pumpkin this year. Hopefully will see it on your blog!

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