Secrets of My Burning Kitchen

I need to clean out my kitchen cupboard

I need to clean out my cupboard out in serious way.

I’m actually quite embarrassed to be posting a photo of my cupboard. Much like a medicine cabinet, I think the kitchen cupboard says a lot about a person.

My cupboard? Too many impulse buys at the grocery store and what the hell is that peanut butter doing outside of the refrigerator??


Talking to my brother a few days ago, he told me pointedly that I should change the name of of my blog from My Burning Kitchen.

When do you cook, Darlene? You never post anything about cooking anymore. You talk about purses and frozen yogurt. But never post about what you cook in the kitchen.

Not true, young brother. When I first started this blog, I did an awful lot of cooking like homemade marshmallows, sushi twinkies and some mighty fine spritz cookies for my pseudo-famous apartment manager.

But now with hours on my hands after work, I actually have time to cook. The most recent was lemon chicken with broccoli and mushrooms with a white wine sauce reduction. I guess I could post the recipe, but I’ll save that for later.

Yeah, I've been cooking

14 thoughts on “Secrets of My Burning Kitchen

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  1. I agree with OMH; the pantry is fine for PB. You don't live in a super hot or humid town (only that first week of Sept. was killer hot/humid). I see you have a bottle of Caravelle sweet chili sauce (for rotisserie chicken or spring rolls. Yummy!)Caravelle is the brand that my brother-in-law's family imports. Thanks for supporting the "family"!!!I like your pantry…a little bit of everything never hurts — and it can stir your creativity. I think I'm too organized. I always need to run out for just one more ingredient…but I'm learning.

  2. i'm down with OPP … other peeps' pantries, that is. Of course i'm quite nosy/nosey. i don't think i've ever bought or used CRISCO, tho it's a good vegan staple to have on hand. Love all the vinegars. You can never have too many bottles or types of vinegars.My seven jars of PB are on my shelf, unrefrigerated, tho P refrigerates his… he prefers the fancy, natural, quasi organic kinds in which the oil separates from the heavy stuff, and i believe those kinds keep better in the fridge.i prefer the old standbys Peter Pan, Skippy and JIF. i do have a couple of natural kinds that P likes that supposedly fare better under chillier conditions but i haven't opened those guys yet.Couscous… great to see that. i'm a fan. Do you like quinoa, D?

  3. By the way, that chicken looks delicious, but I would not give any to your brother. He can have Spam Lite with some warm Jif.

  4. FYI, there were also edible things in the package with the purse! So there! *erin sticks out tongue to stranger- then retracts it remembering that she is trying to make friends, not break them*Do you own a crock pot? I've busted mine out and have use it for the last 3 or 4 meals I've made. It's perfect for the lazy in me.

  5. I need to post some cooking stuff on my blog too. I cook a bit, but always forget to get my camera out and take some pictures. I need to get in the habit…I see you have started the whole refrigerated debate again!

  6. OMG throw that Hersey's unsweetened cocoa crap out right now. I will go to the store and buy you some proper cocoa powder myself!

  7. Silly girl. You clean out a cupboard by rushing everything into the back and putting new impulse buys in front.

  8. JIF doesn't get refrigerated in my house. I hate how it gets hard in the fridge. And that chicken looks deelish!

  9. I am actually uber jealous of your cupboard – all I have are two measly shelves. Man, I need to move. And that chicken looked fantastic – post the recipe soon, please!

  10. PAUL! Peanut butter AND ketchup goes in the refrigerator!Hi Mrs. Wong–I love Carvelle especially with roast chicken. I definitely have to go through it and see what has expired.Hi Kleopatra–That canister of Crisco is my first canister ever. I only use it to coat my stovetop grill. Wow… 7 jars of PB…Hi Steve (anonymous)–You have sumthing against Spam. I heart spam and I'll turn you to it too.Hi Erin–A crockpot is next on my list of kitchen purchases. I predict it will be great to use during the cooler season.Hi Susan–I'm looking forward to checking out your cooking stuff! The refrigerator debate always brings people out of the woodwork.Hi JustJenn–*hand thrown up in defeat* The jar of Herses cocoa is now in the garbage where it belongs!Hi Chubbypanda–I like your idea of straightening up the cupboard!Hi Ti–Glad to see that my cupboard is not abnormal! I was really torn about posting an image of it to face the scrutiny of the Web.Hi Geefunk–Traitor! 🙂 Thanks. The chicken was muy delicious.Hi Foodette–Oh, I have lived with a tiny cupboard for many, MANY years. A bigger cupboard only means more spur of the moment purchases!

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