Because A) it’s Easter, and B) I’m a (comic) stripper

I don’t have many comics that deal with food, nor holidays. But this one meets both criteria, so please to enjoy!



ps A lot of this strip’s comedy was not mined from the Earth, but from my buddy David Poller.

7 thoughts on “Because A) it’s Easter, and B) I’m a (comic) stripper

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  1. "i'm a stripper, you're a stripper, he's a stripper, she's a stripper, wouldn't you like to be a stripper too?"If only i could draw like you… great panel/s! i laughed… thanks for that!

  2. Thanks, all! Look for this and hundreds more strips in my second Cool Jerk book, "Chickadoowa," coming this summer!

  3. Check out the Washington Post Peep Show! Have you ever had homemade marshmallows? A family friend made some almond flavored for our Christmas presents. The best marshmallowy goodness I have ever had.This got me thinking about grabbing my KitchenAid Pro6 mixer as my 1 item from a burning kitchen. (It's handy for making marshmallows.) But I really think it would be Calphalon Commercial Hard Anodized 3 qt. chef's pan. Did they discontinue the Commercial Hard Anodized non-nonstick line?

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