It’s that time of year again: Comic-Con

For the sixth year, I’ll be off and working Paul’s table again. I’ll also be doing a little exploring and visiting people I see only a few times a year — usually at these types of conventions.

I was planning to do a post about something comic-related but ran out of time. Instead, I’m linking to an actual conversation had with David Arquette at last year’s convention. And it’s about food. Well actually, only some part of it was true but we did talk about Ribs USA in Burbank. I’ll let you figure out what was true and what wasn’t.

Blogging about last year's Comic Con

Read about my conversation with David Arquette here. You won’t be disappointed.

3 thoughts on “It’s that time of year again: Comic-Con

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  1. I don't mind Ribs USA, but we haven't been there in a while. We used to go more often. I like the peanuts, but often fill up on those before the meal. We've taken to preferring Mr. Cecil's in Studio City (?) for ribs.

  2. Do you think he and Courtney were paid to endorse Ribs USA? I've heard other negative comments about that place. BTW, Great Pop'rs Giveaway over on my blog. Check it out!

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