Guess Who’s Running Again? Hint: It’s a Fit Foodie Ambassador


I get a ton of emails. A ton. Restaurant openings. Invitations. Long-lost relatives from Namibia who want to send me money. Funny recipes. And people calling me a retard. You name it. Last month, I received an invite to become the Fit Foodie Ambassador for Cooking Light & Health’s 5K Race weekend and I applied not thinking they wouldn’t pick me. But big surprise— they did and now I’m training for it.

A little history: I was a big runner about 15+ years ago. Living in Bankers Hill, I would drive from my 2nd Avenue studio apartment and run at Balboa Park by myself racking up miles. But I gave up out of boredom. So getting back on the wagon is important for me and I’m giving myself month to prep for the race.

Given my job, working out is a requirement. I’m not as fit as I would like to be but I’m in the realm. I walk Doctor 4+ times a week for almost three miles, hit the gym to use the elliptical when I have time and do pilates. It’s a balance that works with the theme of this year’s race “Calories Burned. Calories Earned.” And man, do I have a lot of calories to burn every time I eat for work. The Fit Foodie 5K Race is taking place on November 7 and here’s my goal: I don’t want to suck.

5K is the equivalent of 3.1 miles and frankly not a big stretch. In a month I’m looking to increase my lung capacity and endurance, and ramp up from walking to running nonstop. The first time I hit the treadmill, it was hard and took just as long to do a run/walk as I do on most days. I’m still sore but I appreciate the deadline. IMG_6067

Will I accomplish my goal? We’ll see. If you’re looking to join me, you can sign up at Use the code BURNINGKITCHEN and you get 50% off registration fees. Deadline to register is November 4.

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