Following the scent of tacos

One of the best things about Twitter is following the random thoughts of people on the 'net. Whether it be the latest rant, promoting so-and-so or what someone is doing, I find it an interesting way to fill up my day. Despite the majority of mundane information, I like Twitter and I like it better... Continue Reading →

It’s not all about comics

This year many people stopped at the Paul's booth in small press asking where I was -- specifically because I was featured in this strip. It left me a bit uneasy because the booth is all about Cool Jerk. I really don't have anything to do with it except occasionally making change out of large... Continue Reading →

It’s here once again…

In the spirit of the Comic Con invading my hometown, I've posted a page from The Mighty Marvel Superhero's Cookbook -- it's the only cookbook I have in my possession that I never plan to cook a recipe from.My husband, Paul will be at his usually spot that he is every year promoting his comic... Continue Reading →

Meat dreams are made of these

I'm predicting this fad with all things bacon will end soon. The bacon suit is ridiculous. While the bacon bomb will cause your arteries to explode. It has to end and I'm predicting that after the 2010, it will be only a memory.But being the hypocrite I am, I rushed over to The Linkery one... Continue Reading →

Supertaster Test Results

Results? I'm a middle of the road taster (detect a mildly bitter or bland taster) and Paul is non-taster (will taste nothing). No super tasters in this household and no song can be written about me. Unfortunately this test only confirms that Paul is a picky eater (onions be damned) and I just dislike feta... Continue Reading →

Without ice cream, life and fame are meaningless

I've forgotten what real ice cream tastes like. I've been lured from the full cream stuff to visiting one of the hyper trendy frozen yogurt shops, my favorite being Yogurtland. I can't resist their rotating flavors (root beer float, tiramisu, orange cream, etc) and their especially alluring topping bar (vanilla wafers and mochi!). Going to... Continue Reading →

Sign of impeding doom

Is it the fact that the refrigerator which was at 45 degrees this afternoon now at 50 degrees? Or that someone in our household drinks International Delight French Vanilla creamer with a touch of coffee?

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