San Diego’s Finest Donuts: Elvis-Approved Cronut

San Diego's Finest_selection

Before the month gets away from me without a post, I had to write about another cronut find. Just when I thought I had seen the last of any new cronut sightings popping up, I received an email about a few seen at San Diego’s Finest Donuts.

San Diego's Finest outside

They are only available on Friday after 9 AM with a few varieties available. According to the lady working behind the counter, the flavors rotate and they make about a batch of 60. The rest of the selection looked pretty standard with sprinkled, frosted and glazed filling out the rest of the display case. Doughnuts starts at $.85 for buttermilk, plain, twists to $1.50 for fritters, eclairs and cinnamon rolls. Heads above everything else are the cronuts at $5 each.

San Diego's Finest other doughnuts

At such a steep price, I opted for just one of the three varieties on display. (I forget what the other two were.) The Elvis cronut is filled with sliced bananas, peanut butter, whipped cream and bacon along with a few standard doughnuts that Paul really had to get.

San Diego's Finest Elvis

First off, it’s a beautifully decorated donut with a dried banana chip on top. Attempting to cut the cronut in half kind of ruins it. You can still see the layers after it’s cut but the peanut butter, whipped cream, sliced bananas and bacon squeeze out of it.

San Diego's Finest Elvis inside

Disastrous spillage aside, I really enjoyed it. Never having had anything remotely like it, I liked the combination of peanut butter and bananas with a bit of smoke and salt from the bacon. Elvis was onto something! It could have done without the whipped cream but with so many ingredients going on, the cream was a bit lost. My biggest qualm about cronuts in general is that oil tends to accumulate at the bottom. This one didn’t suffer from any oiliness. The flavor combination may not work for some – Paul thought it was weird but has never had bananas and peanut butter together – but if you’re looking for a cronuts, San Diego’s Finest Donuts should be the first place to look.

San Diego’s Finest Donuts
3458 University Ave.
San Diego, CA 92104

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3 thoughts on “San Diego’s Finest Donuts: Elvis-Approved Cronut

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  1. Wow those look delicious, like little cakes! I don’t really do donuts but if Dennis brought one home to share, I would take a bite. =)

  2. Wow, you actually spotted “cronuts” at this place. They DO exist, haha. The two times I’ve gone year, the lady working there was not really helpful about which days they were offered. She was very vague and said they make it when they feel like it. At least there’s an actual day and time now.

  3. Wow, no one no one else has seen them if they’re only offered one day a week! I’ll probably never get them unless I sleep over at Jake’s one night and then… go to work late…. yeah, probably not happening. Maybe I could get Jake to deliver one to me… that flavor combination sounds really interesting. The strawberry looking one looks good, too. $5 a pop though sounds a little overkill. Great find in any case!

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