You Can Do It: Poke at Home

It comes as no surprise to me that poke shops are seemingly everywhere. Poke has replaced cupcakes, frozen yogurt and juice bars as today’s on trend foods but with so many poke shops, just how many of them of using quality fish? In the back of my mind, I’m imagining many shops head out to... Continue Reading →

Pantry Clean Out: Blueberry Coffee Cake

Paul’s recent doctor’s appointment was a milestone. The big 5-0. Along getting his vitals in check and blood test for a possible colonoscopy (hey now), Paul was also told to up his antioxidants meaning certain vitamins to his diet and foods as well. I clung onto one word he mentioned: blueberries. Since blueberries are starting... Continue Reading →

2017 Travels: Sweden and Denmark

It’s been a long time since my trip to Denmark and Sweden in the summer of 2017 but I felt it was important to document it for my failing memory. My invitation came from Absolut Elyx, a luxury brand vodka. The trip included a flight to Copenhagen, Denmark and car ride to Sweden where the... Continue Reading →

Hi. I’m still here.

It’s been a while hasn’t it but I’m still here. Since Doctor’s big escape from the Rover sitter last October and our big reunion, I’ve been keeping to myself, microblogging over on Instagram and enjoying the love of my sweet puppy (who is also now on IG) and husband. There is traveling to make up... Continue Reading →

The Aftermath of Doctor’s Escape

Most happy endings don’t have a follow up, here’s ours. Doctor’s health Shortly after reuniting with Doctor on Sunday and telling Babs our how of how he came to us, she warned us about several things. Doctor may suffer from PTSD. Who knows what he encountered out there? Did a bus nearly hit him? Did... Continue Reading →

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